Things to do in Geraldton – Australia holidays

Western Australia's Coral Coast is well-known for attractions like Geraldton, its unofficial capital city.


Located just 4.5 hours north of Perth by car or a 1-hour flight, Geraldton has become a popular destination, winning a silver award at the Western Australian Top Tourism Awards last year.

There are numerous activities to enjoy in this destination, including a lively food and beverage scene, seafood festivals, island hopping, art-filled streets, historical tours, and more.

Abrolhos Islands

Located 60 kilometres off the coast of Geraldton, the Houtman Abrolhos Islands offer a variety of activities such as fishing, diving, snorkelling, and swimming on white sandy beaches. Visitors can reach the islands via scenic flight with Shine Aviation/Kalbarri Scenic Flights or opt for a multi-day live-aboard charter.

Point Moore Lighthouse

Point Moore Lighthouse is a 34m high structure with a red and white design, making it the tallest 'metal' lighthouse in Australia. It has a visible beam that extends nearly 30 kilometres out to sea and is also the oldest surviving Commonwealth lighthouse in the country.

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St Francis Xavier Cathedral

St Francis Xavier Cathedral in WA is an impressive church that took 22 years to build. Visitors can go on a guided tour to learn about its history or dine at the nearby Laian Restaurant, with the cathedral as a backdrop. Saturday nights are a good time to visit as the cathedral lights up the sky.

HMAS Sydney II Memorial and Geraldton Museum

The Museum of Geraldton is a great option for history enthusiasts, offering insights into the region's heritage, including artifacts from Dutch shipwrecks. Visitors can also join a free guided tour of the HMAS Sydney II Memorial and watch a 3D film about the wreckage at the museum.

Culture and Art

In Geraldton, the streets are filled with colourful street art, local galleries, decorated walls, and installations such as the Ilgarijiri sculpture. Visitors can take a self-guided art tour and visit attractions like the Geraldton Regional Art Gallery and Yamaji Art, which support and develop Aboriginal artists in the region.

Horizon Ball

A popular attraction in Geraldton is the Beresford Foreshore, where visitors can enjoy the "Horizon Ball" filled with 1800 litres of liquid, best seen at sunset.

Ellendale Pool

Ellendale Pool is a natural waterhole located a short 40-minute drive from town. It is situated along the Greenough River, surrounded by beautiful gum trees and a rocky gorge. The area is popular for picnics and camping, with amenities such as toilets, gas barbecues, and picnic tables available. Camping fees apply for overnight stays; pets are allowed if kept on a lead.

Pleasure on the water

Geraldton, like many locations along the Coral Coast, offers a variety of water-based activities such as swimming, surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, windsurfing, kitesurfing, diving, snorkelling, and fishing. Town Beach is a popular spot for those seeking more excitement between November and April for flyboarding, jet skiing, wakeboarding, and tubing.

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Food and beverages

As Geraldton's food and drinks scene expands, visitors can enjoy a variety of options, such as fresh seafood, Middle Eastern cuisine, rooftop bars, and a new distillery. Additionally, there are numerous cafes and bakeries to choose from, making it easy to explore the culinary offerings in the area. To fully experience what Geraldton has to offer, consider checking out Australia's Coral Coast's Geraldton food and beverage trail map.

Festivals and events

One can plan their visit to Geraldton around one of the many festivals held throughout the year. These events range from art and jewellery exhibits to family-friendly music festivals, rodeo events, writers' workshops, comedy festivals, wind sports weekends, and more. Among these festivities is Shore Leave, taking place from April 26-30, which has quickly become one of the most popular festivals in the state. It features long table lunches, seafood markets, celebrity chefs, and various other activities.