Hutt Lagoon, located between Port Gregory and Kalbarri, is known for its vibrant colours, ranging from pink to lilac to red. Visitors can witness this extraordinary sight by heading out before sunset to watch the colours change. This is one of the stops during Monkey Mia Tours. Take a trip and witness the colours of nature.

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The Pink Lake is in Port Gregory

Port Gregory is a fishing village about 1 hour north of Geraldton and 40 minutes south of Kalbarri. It is surrounded by 5km of coral reef near the Hutt River mouth. The village was initially developed to serve the Geraldine Mine, the first mining site in Western Australia. Today, Port Gregory is a popular holiday destination for fishing and diving. The area also features pinkish garnet sand, perfect for picnicking, kayaking, and bird watching, especially for pelicans.

Hutt Lagoon, located near the village, spans approximately 70 square kilometres and is primarily slightly below sea level. The area is separated from the Indian Ocean by a beach barrier ridge and barrier dune system. Like Lake MacLeod, 40 km north of Carnarvon, Hutt Lagoon receives water from marine sources through springs.

The Lynton Convict Hiring Station's stone buildings are in Port Gregory at the foot of rolling hills. Convicts once worked on the Geraldine mine and local pastoral stations here. The facilities were built in 1853, and some buildings have been restored. Visitors can stretch their legs and learn about the station's history through informative signage. A path leads to the top of the hill for panoramic views.

What is the reason for its pink colour?

Hutt Lagoon's pink hue comes from carotenoid-producing algae called Dunaliella salina, which contains beta-carotene, a food colouring agent and a source of Vitamin A.

Hutt Lagoon in Australia has been featured in fashion shoots like Lancôme's Life is Beautiful campaign and Myer's Jennifer Hawkins Summer collection.

What is the best time to visit?

The lake's colour varies from red to bubblegum pink to lilac purple, depending on the time of day, season, and cloud cover. The optimal time to visit is usually during the middle of the day when the sun is at its peak.

How can I access the lake?

Hutt Lagoon is just over 1 hour north of Geraldton and 45 minutes south of Kalbarri. You can reach it easily between Port Gregory Road and George Grey Drive. There is a Pink Lake Lookout on Port Gregory Road, where you can park, explore, and take photos. Find a safe spot to park and enjoy the photo opportunities along George Grey Drive. Remember to have your camera ready and fully charged for the trip!

There are various tour options available to explore the lake.

Monkey Mia Tours

  • Take in stunning lake views with a scenic flight departing from Geraldton or Kalbarri.
  • Experience a guided buggy tour from Port Gregory to view the lake and discover the nearby coastline.
  • Travellers can participate in a guided coach tour from Geraldton or Kalbarri to explore and gain knowledge about the lake from a ground perspective.