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  • "Paul is very smart and knowledgeable. He stays up to date with content marketing trends and concepts and he has a passion for what he does. Highly recommend Paul!"
  • "Paul Davis has excellent people skills and really listens to your needs. This guy is honest to the core very reasonable in price and has a heart to serve his customers. I highly recommend his work and above that his character."
    -Tony Crowe, EnableU2
  • "Lots of great ideas to build a business and a great writer."
    -Rachel McCarron, Greater St. Louis Parks

What are Paul Davis's Solutions for Business?

We can tell you all about us, but that won't help answer why you would want to work with us. So, without further adieu, and no gilding the lilly, I hereby present to you, our solutions!


Why an empty room? 


Yes, we do websites. 
If you provide a service that shows up on "OK Google" and Siri searches but don't have a website, you might be a (redneck?) ideal candidate for Paul Davis Websites. 
Prices start at $300


Do you love CreateSpace and Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing? Do you enjoy researching why Microsoft Word keeps shrinking your images so you can't print your booklet? (Hint, don't use Word if you're going to print a book with images)
Paul Davis has walked multiple customers through the design and publishing process. 
Email Me for more information.

So You can fill it. Paul Davis is available to teach collaborative sessions on marketing, blogging, and how to turn a person you haven't met into your best friend... 
or, at least, ya know, a customer. 
Plan a free 30 Minute Consult with me here.

Marketing Funnels

A funnel is, simply put, the ability to automate much of the sales process. You take traffic, turn it into leads, leads into customers and customers into brand advocates. 
Basic Sales funnel management including 1 Blog per week, 1 Landing Page, and managed ads and guest posts starts at $250/mo.

Areas Served

Paul Davis Solutions works with small and medium businesses to provide quality marketing services as if your company was our own!

York County, SC

After moving to Rock Hill in 2016, Nathanael Paul Davis took Paul Davis Solutions from the part-time marketing service he had run since 2012 to the full-time service that it is today. 
After running out of space from home, Paul Davis Solutions found Loom Coworking in Fort Mill. 
Safe to say, we love York County and all the wonderful businesses we have been able to help through marketing and content!

Mecklenburg County, NC

Interesting fact: Charlotte Metropolitan Area has more people than the entire state of Idaho. 
After moving to the Carolinas from Idaho, Paul Davis Solutions was able to go full time and we fully enjoy serving local businesses throughout the Charlotte area.

Around the World

Starting as a marketing consultant for non-profits in Idaho, Paul Davis provides services for small businesses throughout the US as well as Australia and the UK. 
Through the power of the internet, Paul Davis Solutions loves being able to serve internationally from the comfort of York County, SC.